Why Meditate?

There are many reasons to meditate. I find the least relevant reason to meditate is because it’s a fashion or fad, or my friends are doing it.

438253839_24869126e9_oSo why do I want to meditate? Well, as this is just a sample blog I won’t go further at the moment. Except to say that, actually, almost any reason is good. Emphasis on the word almost.

“Why do you want to learn meditation?”

Years ago when I was teaching meditation in Israel I met a young man, from Philippines, and as we were sitting in a quiet room, setting the tone to teach him the formal initiation we have, I asked him: “Why do you want to learn meditation?”

He answered very simply and promptly: “So I can control my wife.” I was left a bit non-plussed. It certainly was an original answer! I explained to him that meditation can give us self-control, but its purpose is NOT to control others. Instead, it should be focused on self realisation.